Heather C Payne and Gary J Jones FetSwing Journey

Heather and Gary's Journey into the Lifestyle


About five years back, while on a business trip together to a trade show in Dallas, TX, we decided to explore the swinging lifestyle in a city far from our hometown.

It had been an extended period since we had the opportunity to travel without children, so we were extremely excited about the time alone to explore the city after work hours. We drove from our office in Atlanta in a work van packed to the brim for the upcoming trade show, just the two of us. Having this much time alone in a car leads to a lot of flirtatious exchanges that just built the sexual tension for hours upon hours. We had the chance to just concentrate on us, like the old days before kids, dishes, and running a business.

Once we arrived in Dallas, I continued the sexy flirtations with a lunchtime text that simply said, "What happens in Dallas stays in Dallas." I never imagined that Gary Jones would take this as an invite to join every swinger site or group he could find. He even located a few clubs and some house parties with like-minded people in attendance. My intention was most definitely not to plant this seed, so you can imagine my surprised shock when he called me into the room and showed me his laptop screen. On his display was a choice of three couples he let me know I could choose from.

I took it personally at first and went through the emotions you could imagine I felt. Am I not good enough for you anymore, who are YOU wanting to hook up with, and what are you really up to? We had had a threesome here or there in the past, but they were always spontaneous, and never intentionally sought out. My initial impression of those in the lifestyle was probably a little close-minded, but entirely based on contradictory ideas presented to me by those, not in the lifestyle, not really based on the truth.


I had always thought that those in the lifestyle chose to be in the lifestyle as a way to ease the burden of being in a loveless marriage by giving permission for the other to get a little bit of strange or a side piece, or that they were sex-crazed freaks. My first thoughts ranged from how could I, the dugout mom of my son's baseball team, even contemplate having sex outside of my marriage? What would my friends and family think if they ever found out?!? So to ease my mind, Gary suggested that maybe we could just check out a club or a party with no expectation of participation. Just see where the night goes.---(Continue)

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