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Our FetRooms Chat Application is Live!

Follow this link to utilize the mobile-friendly, kickass, FetSwing IOS, and Android application.


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As many of you have heard, Kik announced the closure and tentative discontinuation of the chat application. 


Apple and Android have roadblocks that control the censorship of adult content — attempting to launch a product that works efficiently, approved, and pass all application restrictions, results in a shell, and water down the application.


Facebook, Tumblr, Kik, MeWe, etc... Have you noticed one app after another is banning adult content? Why - If the application allows under 18yo surfers. It will either be forced to restrict, for example, Facebook or, eventually, limit it into a G rated site. 

With the announcement of Kik terminating operations, many quickly migrated to MeWe. This will be temporary, because they have < 18yo customers, and will either be forced to censor or be acquired by interested social media giants.


✨ "LifetStyle Diaries"! (In 4K Theather) ✨

Our goal is to provide a consistent flow of amateur content. Our current focus is documenting the swing and fetish lifestyle. Revealing the true challenges, benefits, and fear has this sexual and social choice.

After adding FetSwing, we discovered several authentic LS couples, singles, and groups that would be willing to be on film, chronicling their lives in a demographic most would not speak honestly about.

Thanks again for being a member!

Heather and Gary
(FetSwing user name)


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