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I have always been someone who is ready for adventure, maybe now even more than ever. The thrill of jumping into the unknown… meeting strangers and just vibe, no hesitation and no boundaries. Yes, I do receive a lot of messages on the swingers and kinky online platforms. The content of these messages is often very predictable and the one liners or the ones with dick pics in combination with “Are you free? Let’s fuck tonight” really don’t do it for me. But once in a while I do get intrigued and excited… either by the tone of voice, the sender’s profile or even by something I can’t describe in words. This adventure is about what happened after receiving such a message. Let’s call the sender The Mystery Dom, for me the most suitable nickname for HIM… I don’t know his real name, have never seen his face and that will not happen either. Yes I tasted him, touched him, felt his hard body on mine, smelled the earthy scent of his masculinity…. and HE, he was all I needed and more, a fantasy made real. Ok, I should tell you how it all started, how he seduced me with his words and the underlying promise.. of an experience I would not easily forget. To understand the impact on me I will share his message, I am sure he would approve as he knows what he did to my body & mind…. Oh how I am reliving it all again. Hi Red, I love your profile and adventurous spirit. That’s why I chose you, let me make you an offer you can’t resist. Do not be afraid of me. Just know that once I have you I will not stop until your whole body trembles and you will be begging me for more. Are you still with me? Attached one body pic. Yes, that’s me. It is the only one you will receive. I am pretty hot, don’t you think so Red? This is all you will ever see of me, no face pics. I can’t and won’t take the risk by exposing myself. I do promise though it will be worth it. A night with me, one night only, on my terms and conditions. Do you understand Red? Trust me, I will give you everything you want and more. What do you say? Are you in or out? Needless to point out I would need your answer quickly, as my offer will expire after 24 hours from now. I only want to see one word when you answer me, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. With a ‘Yes’ my offer and further instructions will follow. I am sure you will make the right decision. Hot kisses! Xx M. After reading this message I was puzzled, not sure what to do. The voices in my head were definitely battling. Devil: Go for it, Red Phoenix! You are a free spirit, always chasing after new experiences. Don’t you dare to tell him ‘No’. Angel: You are crazy if you go ahead with this. Maybe he is a creep, maybe he is a wrinkly fat old guy and can only get sex via these kind of tricks. He will be fully in control. Really Red? Please back out, tell him ‘No’. Or even safer, don’t reply at all! You will not be surprised the devil won, otherwise the story would have ended here and I would have asked myself many times ‘What if ……’ That’s not who I am. However, I did reply with a simple ‘Yes’ just before his offer would expire. I needed to feel at least a little bit in control. His next message reached me after 5 days. Oh, he made me wait for it… of course what did I think? Hey sexy, So you accepted. I knew you would. As I told you in my first message this can only happen on my terms and conditions. I will instruct you, therefore you will obey. There will be punishment for rebellion. I will meet you in your apartment this Friday, make sure you are ready at 9pm. Send me your address details in a reply to this message and I want you to confirm that I will be the one in charge, I am the one who tells you what to do, what to say, what to wear. Wear kinky, black lingerie. Have a blindfold ready and nipple clamps, as well as your cuffs within reach. Make sure you blindfold yourself at exactly 9pm. Wait for me in your bedroom, face up and just stay in bed. Oh, don’t forget to wear stockings and high heels. Leave your door open and be ready for me. Remember, whatever happens you are not allowed to see my face. I don’t want to see your eyes either. At one moment, could be after a couple of hours but probably early morning I will just leave. This is a one time only experience, don’t reach out to me, don’t leave a validation. Just cherish the memory. And Red….. I am confident we will make memories. The only thing you need to do is obey me, good girls will be rewarded. Bad girls, well let’s not go there. I can almost feel your excitement. I bet you are wet… aren’t you? Xx M. And so it happened. I did everything he told me to do, blindfolded myself and just waited for my front door to open. I am not easily afraid, but I do have to admit my adrenaline was rushing and my heart… well my heart did skip a beat or two. Yes, my door opened, I heard the door being locked from the inside again and footsteps slowly approaching my bedroom. A somewhat dark voice, in a Northern European English accent, asking me “Have you been a good girl?”. I could not help but smile and answered ‘Yes, of course’. Before I even realized it, he grabbed me by the wrists and cuffed me to the bedpost. “Don’t you lie to me. I have been checking on you. You have been pretty active. I will punish you for disobedience, are we clear? So I told him “Yes”. “That is not good enough. Always answer with: Yes, sir. That’s what I want to hear you say. This time I will forgive you”. He kept his promise. For sure I will never forget this night. We had such wild and steamy sex. His tongue was everywhere… and I.. I did not have any other choice, I could not resist even if I wanted to. Not knowing what was next, the constant ‘fear’ of being punished, his dominant predator behavior but also his light and gentle touches, his kisses and his hands all over me. I wanted more and more. He only gave it to me when he wanted to, the whole time HE was in charge… My Mystery Dom. Yes, I did get punished for some things I did and some things I dId not do right. I still remember how he took away the cuffs and directed me to my living. He made me kneel on an armchair, ass up and he tied my wrists up behind the neck. I don’t know how long he kept me waiting for his next move, for me it felt like minutes. It were probably just seconds. It was there where we did agree on a safeword which I was allowed to use that night. My safeword was “Flames”. It could not be a better pick, very suitable for my alter ego… Red Phoenix. He flogged me, not too painful but I sure felt it and he made me remember who was the dom and who the sub. He knew damn well I would ask him to please stop it and I had to beg him to untie my wrists. It was then when he showed his softer side. He took me back to the bedroom and started to explore every inch of my body. Kissing, licking and making me extremely wet. I wanted him, wanted him badly inside of me. When that finally happened, he fucked me so intense….. and everytime I thought he would explode in me he slowed down, incredibly teasing but always making sure I was having my climax. Not just once or twice, but so many times during that special night. I was literally in another universe, wishing it would never end. Good and exciting things don’t last forever…… I knew the rules from the start. In our final moments together we were one, as if we had been exploring each other many times before….. his body felt so familiar and my body fully reacted to everything he did. A mind blowing mutual orgasm, trembling bodies and…. a final whisper in my ear: “Good night Red, this memory is yours. It is all I could give you. Take care sexy.” Before I could tell him “Thank you… I loved every minute of it” my Mystery Dom was already gone and I was left on my own again.

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